Bible Quizzers

My hat goes off to you guys! I seriously am inspired by your dedication. And it has for a long time been a desire of mine. I seriously have a passion for Gods word. And my long term goal in life is to be able to recite the whole bible. Just like the did back when they couldnt rely on paper alone to keep Gods word safe. I know that its a big thing to dedicate myself to but there is nothing wrong with having a lifelong hobby. Anyways this year i have decided to train with quizzers in Indiana when i start school this fall. I wont compete with them because i dont know how much time i will have to dedicate myself to a team and study for school and balance a job and then still be under all the pressure of living without family members and living in another state.

Are there any quizzers out there? i am really interested in how it works.

08/10/11 at 2:02am
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