Person to hold us accountable

This Christian race is sooo hard. But no one ever said it would be easy. And if you heard that it would be easy from someone they straight up lied to your face. But one thing that makes the abstinence of besetting sins easier is having a friend that will hold you accountable. I have struggled with something for quite sometime. and just knowing that someone is praying for you helps to keep away from it. having the mindset of not letting their prayers be in vain is amazing. This year my goal is to beat this besetting sin. and i feel that i could deff crush it with the help of my friend and my lord and savior Jesus Christ. This is my year i am naming and claiming it! I desire change and i believe i will get it.

I am thankful for the friends that God gave me. I am so thankful. Minnesota Youth this year i can sense a change in some of them and i believe that this year at our camp meeting we were brought together. i believe that these years from now on will turn our worlds upside down.

07/19/11 at 2:33am
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